Turkan Consulting Engineers Inc.


Kem Cancar, P.Eng.


Kem is a Senior Electrical Engineer with over 36 years experience in Engineering and Project Management of industrial, municipal and marine facilities around the world. He started his career in 1973 in Victoria, followed by international consulting work on heavy industrial projects with Sandwell Inc. (Vancouver, BC), PAG Paperconsult (Zurich, Switzerland), and Papertec Ag (Basel, Switzerland).  His field experience includes Construction Supervision of green-field projects in Canada, and abroad.  Kem provides leadership, engineering and project management services as co-founder and principal of TURKAN.

Nik Buelles, P.Eng., Dipl.Ing., Dipl.Math.Oec.


With over 22 years experience in Engineering and Project Management, Nik has an exceptional reputation in electrical design and construction of high-profile projects in Canada and Europe . His expertise includes managing multi-disciplinary teams for clients, including architects, planners, and contractors on large scale projects.  Over the last 7 years Nik has worked on  Pharmaceutical,  Data Centre, Infrastructure, and Institutional projects.  As principle and co-founder, he provides TURKAN with mature guidance, and contributes his strong background, expertise, and insight towards the success of our projects.

John Rycroft, B.Sc.

CAD Leader & Electrical Designer

John Rycroft is an experienced CAD operator and electrical designer. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science degree. After 22 years in consulting engineering in Ontario, he continues his career in Western Canada, and is involved in CAD drafting, design, specification writing and preparation of contract documents for numerous commercial and industrial projects. 

Andreas Laible

Project Manager

Andreas is a Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience in both the design and construction of projects with  multi-disciplinary applications requiring coordination between electrical, HVAC, and  process piping.  His areas of specialty also include media technology.  Recently Andreas worked as construction manager and client representative on high-profile projects for the Pharmaceutical Industry.  He is also a member of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and was part of assignments in India, Sri Lanka and Africa.  Andreas brings TURKAN's  clients, the benefit of his solid design, project management, and construction supervision background.

We bring together a team, specifically selected to address the unique requirements of each project.  

Our staff is composed of professional engineers, specialists, and designers with extensive experience and solid backgrounds on local and international projects.

Our team members work in an atmosphere where dedication to the enhancement of our community and environment is nurtured.   

We value and benefit from our multicultural makeup, and respect the opinions of others.

Our services are delivered to you by team individuals who share in the core values of the company:  Fairness, trust, integrity,and dedication.